Why NHL Odds are Raising in Popularity

The NHL is a fast-paced sport with tons of action and wild entertainment. With 82 games during the regular season, plus a long playoff period, bettors have a lot of opportunities when it comes to betting lines for the sport. There are a number of different NHL odds that are formed during the season for each match. Here we will explain some of the different types of wagers and NHL odds.

The NHL goal line is a type of spread installed for each game on the schedule during the week, and it is a set number at 1.5 goals. A team will then be set in the role of having to cover that spread, which is always the team that is set as the favorite. Consider that the team has to cover the 1.5 goal line with a two-goal win or more to win the game outright. Every match-up is installed with this spread, though most of the time the team picked as the one having to win by two scores or more is not the favorite to cover the spread. That is because, statistically, the majority of hockey matches are decided by one goal or less, or result in a tie. Payouts around this type of wager can vary quite a bit, and you can see some big disparities between the team having to win by two or more goals, and the one can still lose by a single score and still cover.

Just like the above wager, every match in the NHL is installed with a moneyline. This is a straightforward wager where the bet is placed on the team to win outright, with no type of spread involved. If you bet on the Sharks to beat the Kings, the bet is won if the Sharks win, no matter what the score is. There is also a disparity in these payouts, as the favorite on the moneyline will obviously payout quite a bit less than if the wager had been made and won on the underdog. Here is an example: The Sharks are set as -300 favorites. That means that for every $3 wagered on them to win, a $1 profit is returned. In the role of the underdog, the Kings are going off at 2/1 on the payout. Hopefully now you understand NHL odds a bit more.