NHL Money Line Betting Explained

Whether you're gambling on football, hockey, or the next winners at the Oscars, you will have a few different options when you are ready to place your wagers. The first time I put cash on a hockey game, I was a bit surprised by some of the choices. Spread betting was nothing new, but puck lines and money lines were a little confusing at first. Until I had NHL money line betting explained to me, I wasn't sure where I should put my dollar or how much I should wager.

The money line bet is much simpler than you may think. It is the most basic form of predicting the winner in a game or competition and offers the best returns when upsets occur. In a match between the Sharks and the Stars, for instance, the Sharks may be the favorite, which is denoted by a plus sign. The number following the favored team tells how much you must wager to win a return of $100. The amount following the minus sign is the amount you will win if you place $100 on the underdog. Upsets in the NHL aren't common, but they're not impossible so the underdog money line can be worth the risk from time to time. The puck line is the most popular hockey gamble because it is much easier to win and incorporates the familiar spread bet. The point spread boosts the odds for the underdog, so in this wager, a win by the favorite typically gives the higher return.

Most sportsbooks also offer over/under options for NHL matches. When you make these wagers, you are taking a gamble on the total number of goals made during the game and deciding if it is over or under the specified amount. Many fans place this wager along with other line selections because of its simplicity. If you're a hockey fan but have shied away from online betting because the options are too overwhelming, you're not alone. Now that you have heard NHL money line betting explained, you can gamble with confidence on all of your favorite competitions.